Wednesday, 9 April 2008


No, this does not stand for 'See me? I did this!'. Nor does it mean 'Canada's icecap grows more icy? Indeed, deliver thicker shoes!'. No, it is the common-known abbreviation for 'Can it get more incomprehensible? I don't think so!'. What, you didn't know that? Well, you don't know the code then. Or rather: The author does not want you to know. Apparently. It's for the insiders. Who know the code.

Try to read the article 'Nortel and IBM Serve Up UC for SMBs'. Got it? No? Didn't expect you to. Didn't expect anyone to. Even though it is published on Unified Communications Strategies' blog!! But maybe it is part of this, er, communication strategy to communicate to as few as possible.

Briefly put: The article is a terrifyingly good, and unfortunately more than typical, example of how abbreviations can distort a message completely. Disturb the reading to a point that I would think even the code-carrying insiders which the text is aimed at might have difficulties really understanding. At least the deciphering disturbs and wastes energy and time.

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