Sunday, 9 October 2005

Yes ― That's Me

Your World View

You strongly reject traditional values.
Above everything else, you value honesty.
For you, morality and truth are one and the same.

You hate to be thought of as weak or insecure.
You abhor hypocrisy and have troubles with authority.
You are impulsive and somewhat unpredictable.

Friday, 7 October 2005

Wise words from Václav

'The new European democracies that have emerged from the ruins of the Communist world are seeking membership in the European Union. Some have a chance of joining it sooner, others may become ready later on, but the process is bound to be long and arduous for all of them. It is not easy to make up for fifty years' delay. Nevertheless, it is evidently in the interests of the whole of Europe that these countries should progress towards membership in the Union, which has been a cornerstone of European integration. Throughout history, the price for any division of Europe has ultimately been paid by the whole continent. It follows that its unification is essential to the interests of all European countries.'
Václav Havel, 27 April 1995