Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Feet back on the ground

What you should envy me are my walking shoes.
putting an end to a discussion on values

Monday, 15 May 2006

(Anti)royalistisk guf

Tv-baben Annette Heicks mand, societykokken Jesper Vollmer, er blevet udpeget til dronningens nye køkkenchef. »Jeg har masser af planer om at forny det kongelige køkken ved at give det et mere royalt touch. For eksempel har jeg tænkt mig, at retten ’Væltet lokum’ fremover skal hedde ’Kong Vollmers røv’, skal han have sagt.
Kilde: Nyt om kendte

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Stotin — A philosophical question

What's worse — not knowing something you should know, or thinking you know something but turn out to be mistaken?

A couple of days ago, a Slovenian friend and I got to talk about currency for some reason. To cut a short story even shorter, my friend didn't know what the subdivision of a tolar (Slovenia's currency) is called, whereas I was pretty sure it has a name similar to the former Austrian Groschen.

We ended up making a bet, though seconds later it occured to me that groszy is probably the Polish equivalent. Also, Slovene doesn't have the letter combination 'sz'. But a bet is a bet, and I left it up to my friend, after all being the one who should know, to prove me wrong.

And indeed I was. A Slovene tolar is divided into 100 stotinov. Nothing to do with Groschen. Fine, you win the bet, you get your fancy overpriced disgustingly sweet cocktail. But an interesting philosophical question remains (you won't get away that easily... I can still win morally...)

So... is it better to not know something you should know, or to think you know it but be proven wrong?

Anyway, whichever it is, I'll happily give a few thousand stotinov to pay my friend a sweet and colourful and hopefully tasty cocktail. The Sun is shining, life is beautiful — and it keeps make one wonder about kleine cocktails and grosse Groschen. What more do we need?!

Bjørn Clasen