Sunday, 28 January 2007

película — pellicule

Have you never asked yourself the question why the Spanish word for 'film' (película), is so close to the French word for, well, 'dandruff' (pellicule)?

No matter whether you have or not, here's a short explanation.

According to this Universitat de València page (notice the Catalan name, and check out the homepage if you wanna read some Catalan; it's not that difficult if you know some French and/or Spanish) , película means 'little skin'.

Now that already starts making sense.

It turns out 'pellicule' in French can actually also refer to film. Wikipédia (notice the accent…) has an article on that meaning but not on the dermatological one. However, when referring to the latter, usually plural 'pellicules' is used, as it's probably rare to have just one dandruff.

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