Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Two thirds into the tournament, and still a team missing

Avoiding EURO 2016: A self-experiment — Day Twenty

Incredibly, today I have learned nothing new about the EURO 2016! Nada, nothing, zilch! Perhaps it is a day off, as I figured yesterday?

Therefore, let’s summarise what I have picked up about the tournament so far. The new points, since the sum-up twelve days ago, are in italics.
  • It is held in France
  • France, Romania, Switzerland and Albania must have played in the same group
  • Switzerland scored against Albania
  • Albania beat Romania and fans celebrated in the streets of Albania until 2 am
  • Albania came third but this did not suffice to reach the knock-out stage
  • Iceland, Portugal, Austria and Hungary must have been in the same group
  • Iceland drew 1:1 against Portugal (and Ronaldo was angry at reporters)
  • From this group, only Austria did not reach the knock-out stage
  • Poland, Northern Ireland, Germany and Ukraine must have played in the same group 
  • Poland beat Northern Ireland by 1:0 (and Lewandowski was angry at his team mates)
  • Germany beat Northern Ireland too, apparently by a few more goals
  • Wales played against Russia
  • Italy beat Sweden 1:0 at the group stage
  • Turkey were in there somewhere too
  • Sweden was eliminated at the group stage (and Zlatan was angry at the referees)
  • Italy beat Spain in the eighth-finals
  • Belgium beat Hungary in the eighth-finals
  • Germany beat Slovakia in the eighth-finals 
  • France beat Ireland 2:1 in the eighth-finals after Ireland had been up 1:0 on a penalty
  • Iceland beat England in the eighth-finals
  • Everybody loves the Icelandic Vikings — even the English 
  • Poland plays Portugal in the quarter-finals
  • Germany plays Italy in the quarter-finals
  • Iceland, France and Belgium have also reached the quarter-finals
Now, this may seem like a lot of information picked up by someone who actively tries not to follow the tournament. But when you think of it, it adds up to very few facts:
  1. As little as four exact results
  2. Angry primadonna players
  3. And not even all of the eight teams still fighting for the Henri Delaunay Cup…

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