Saturday, 25 June 2016

Eighth-final snippets

Avoiding EURO 2016: A self-experiment — Day Sixteen

Today was an eighth-final day, and I have no idea of the outcome. Isn’t that great?

All I know is that there is supposed to be a ‘British clash’. Perhaps England will play Wales? I don’t know.

And that Poland was leading 1:0 against Switzerland despite the Swiss making the game. So it could very well be that they won in the end.

And that Hungary seems to be through to the knock-out phase too, as I got a glimpse of a survey on a newspaper’s website where one could vote for the coolest thing at the EURO 2016 so far. One of the three possibilities was ‘Hungary’s upswing’.

Another was Iceland. I know they are through to the eighth-finals as well. What’s more, there are elections for the Planet’s oldest Parliament very soon, and a record-low turnout is expected, as a tenth of the country’s population is in France to support their team! A friend who has read my blog (glad that somebody does) texted this to me this morning.

See what football can do to people… But at least they cannot vote themselves out of the European Union.

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