Thursday, 2 November 2006

Kaszëbizna dzysô

You wonder what language that is? It's Kashubian.
You wonder what Kashubian is? It the language of the Kashubians.
And where do they live? Right here:

Still no clue? Well, haven't you heard of the town of Gdiniô?
No? It's North of Gduńsk and Sopòt.
Isn't it called Gdańsk? Sure, if you say it in Polish. But this is Kashubian. Click on the map to learn more about this little-known region and people in the North West of Poland. It's interesting to try to get something out of the language, which looks like Polish with a few German words tossed in now and then, and ― just to make it different ― even more diacritics added.
I hope to hear it soon too and be able to diacriticise it, as I'm going there next week! :)

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