Thursday, 12 January 2012

Aggression in Albania VI: Basis for aggression or imposed reaction?

Part VI of the anonymous 17-year old’s essay on Albania in 1997 takes us further back in time to look at some causes for the aggressions.

Now the question is whether the Albanian aggression is deeply rooted within Albanians, or it was just an imposed reaction toward the situation, or better to say toward the past.

Is there any valid justification for this aggression expressed in the form of rage toward everything?

Can this aggression be the surface of a hidden collective trauma? What does it mean to experience a collective trauma?

I would try to explain it by examples of the life in communist Albania. It was an era where people did not produce or establish the system, but it was the system that created people. People were mechanisms to serve to the apparatus of state, to serve to the Party and to the Leadership. It went that far as to ignore the individual in an individualistic and intimate prism and consider the human being as part of classes. Who did not belong to the class of eligible, was faced with severe punishment or total avoidance. Extreme measures were being taken by the state apparatus. Individuals were being prosecuted for their beliefs, ideas and even for their past. Biographies were chased till reaching to the roots of a “decaying” genesis. If there was not a thing going wrong, facts were being fabricated to support the assumption that a certain person was to be prosecuted by the regime.

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