Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Aggression in Albania V: State apparatus…

Part V of the touching and disquieting essay on aggression in Albania 1997, written by an anonymous 17-year old. The thesis of the essay is that ‘Everybody who is exposed to political violence, is psychologically traumatized’.

Nothing was functional. Not a single school, not a single organization, not a single institution. The administration of state was totally dysfunctional. People were attacking the military bases in order to reach to the armament. All of them were armed. The archives and the cadastres were all burnt down to the soil. The people were left without identity, without property and past. This was the Albanian state of February-May 1997. People were setting fire to everything, deeming that they were bringing liberation to the nation. Liberation to whom? Liberation from what, who? They chose the most frenetic and barbarian way of expressing their rage toward the system, toward the loss of their wealth. The world was now being convinced that Albania was inhabited by barbarians of a civilian era. After the clashes and uprising of January ’91 the recent clashes were not only the most massive, but the most aggressive. If a comparison was to be made between the two periods, the difference was very big. In ’91 it was the state apparatus against the people of Albania, but now, it was the people of Albania against the people and the state of Albania. Destroying everything was not a solution, but it seemed as a relief of that pressure that was hidden within them. Or was it that the need for destruction had no other justification but destruction itself and the expression of rage.

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