Thursday, 11 September 2008

A perfect day

Yesterday was one of these days where things just turned out as you'd wish for.

Denmark's national football team, unfairly and increasingly critisised by the press and a high number of so-called 'supporters', and theoretically weakened because of injuries, beat one of the World's supposedly best-playing teams, Portugal. In Portugal.

I watched the match in a Portuguese pub — I live in a Portuguese quarter so it was just up the road. Watched Portugal leading until six minutes from the end. Then Denmark equalised. Out of nowhere, some said, for Portugal had 'possessed the ball' as they say for two thirds of the time. I say it was their own fault as they did not make much of that seeming dominance. And Denmark's players believed in their chance. And were rewarded.

For a minute. Then the hosts got a penalty, and a doubtful one too. And took the lead again. Now this would demoralise most teams but not Denmark. They fought, they believed.

And were rewarded, doubly so. In the last minute equalising again. And then even, taking the chance that the press and all those 'supporters' had never granted them, rather than just being content with defending one point, the Danes scored again to win the match by 3:2.

They deserved it, fully. I was born in Denmark, and I believed in the team.

Shortly before on that same evening, Luxembourg sensationally beat Switzerland — away — by 2:1. Former Bayern manager Ottmar Hitzfeld coached Switzerland for the second time only. It was the Grand Duchy's first World Cup qualifier victory for 36 years! So since before I was born! In Denmark, before moving to Luxembourg where I live. In the Portuguese quarter.

AND Slovenia had beaten Slovakia by 2:1. Not only do I have good connections with Slovenia(ns) but even better, both goals were scored by my team's — 1. FC Köln's — goalgetter Milivoje Novakovic.

So yesterday was a good day. Had a bad headache most of it but felt it was going to be good.

Miracles exist. You just gotta believe in them. Only if you seek the luck, it will come. I just felt it. I believed. I believe.

A perfect day.

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Anonymous said...

After long time I came across your blog. ANd you seem so positive and in good mood. I like that. Good mood is like chewing gum; it sticks on you before you know it. And that miracles exist. Yes. You have to be reminded about that from time to time ...Thanks for that. And Slovenia won :-) and you are happy for that. You ARE half Slovenian, whether you admit it or not :-). Blondie