Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Three more signs

The first one is from the Slovenian town of Piran. What's funny about it is that a Frenchspeaker would easily tend to pronounce 'Kud Sac' similarly as 'cul-de-sac', which means 'dead end street' (actually, the term 'cul-de-sac' is also used in English). Fancy sign to indicate a dead-end-street…

The text on the plaque means 'Cultural-artistic society' in Slovene ('Kulturno-umetniško društvo'), then in Italian (SAC), followed by the name (Karol Pahor) and the town in both languages.

The next is also from Slovenia. One you see quite a lot near schools, in many countries ― I just thought it's pretty original to let the kids actually break the frame and thus create a meta feel about a simple road sign!

The text translates as 'We are here again! ― School ― Drive carefully!'.

The third is not really a sign actually. The pic was taken in Cusco, Peru, at the San Pedro market. Odd phenomenon that they sell perfumes, which so explicitly, in pictures and words, advertise that they are supposed to attract women.

Notice especially the one called '7 Machos' ― wonder if such brand name would sell in Europe…

Thank you to Luka for the translations from Slovene!

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