Sunday, 4 September 2005

Art discovery

Yesterday when strolling in Luxembourg City, I passed Galerie Schortgen and decided to go in as it has been a long time, and as some of the exhibited works looked interesting. In general, I am not a big admirer of naturalism but those paintings by Yves Thos astonished me. They are portraits of women ― but no, that is not the reason. It is more this wonderful light that Thos gets into every single colour, giving each portrait a captivating atmosphere that makes it radiate something erotic even.
The painting below called Toilette du chat is not exhibited at Schortgen but taken from Espace Thos.

I intended to add something about another artist called Max Mehring whose engaging paintings, in which a bright blue dominates, are also exhibited in Schortgen... but the Max Mehrings I find on The Net are a fictious journalist from a novel, a football player, and an athlete. Pity. But enjoy Thos.

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