Friday, 21 January 2005

Any advice for Aidya?

Aidya is a nice name, isn't it? Wonder how it's pronounced. Anyway, take a look at her blog 'aidya's attic' that I stumbled over just now (even though I should be working for Europe, I know). And write her some helpful or at least supportive comment, 'cause she seems to be going through a tough time, and nobody should. Thank you.

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Aidya said...

you left me a couple comments on my blog more than a year ago now. i wanted to thank you for your thoughtful words and support. I wanted to thank you sooner but i didn't know what to say.

i tend only to write when something is wrong, which is sad, because this humble record of my existence makes it look more bleak than it actually is, even to me. i always tell myself i will write when things are good, but i find myself with not much to say? i have the pathetic luxury of boring myself. :)

anyway, i just wanted to thank you for reaching into this abyss of an internet and sending kind words to a stranger.

my best, aidya.