Saturday, 6 June 2009

Slogans to make people vote

Make a slogan — Make people vote

Until tomorrow, 375 million Europeans can vote for the European Parliament. Most of them choose not to. But a few months ago, the weekly New Europe launched a contest in which you could suggest how to get at least a few more to go to the polling stations. You had to make a funny, naughty or even dirty — but in any case good — slogan that would fit on a bus advert.

So that's what I did — and as you see above, one of my suggestions was chosen for the 'dirty' category. They had to abbreviate to fit it on a bus (or rather into their bus photo template), but that captured the sense even better, or actually changed it to be more significant.

There was nothing to actually win, except for having your hilarious, cheeky, superb slogan published in New Europe, with a picture and maybe your own comment. If your slogan was chosen of course.

Here are my other suggestions:

Something better to do on a Sunday?
I have. But I vote anyway!

Ask what Europe can do for you...
What you can do for Europe is VOTE!

R U Ropean?
Zen VOTE on ze Zevenz!

Elect and erect. Europe, that is.

Men in suits don't suit you?
Then vote for someone else.

EURO 2008 was long ago.
FIFA 2010 is far away.
VOTE 2009 is here and now.



It's the EU, it is you!

The EU is you too!

The EU is yours too!


You know they're commuting
You know they're polluting
Their salaries are bloated
But what if YOU voted?

They waste your money anyway. Choose how. Vote.

It's YOUR money they use.
On what? YOU can choose!

Who do you want to represent your interests, your values, your country?

Choose who influences your future and the daily life of close to 500 million fellow Europeans.

You think the EU is remote?
Bring it closer — go and vote!

1 vote out of 375 000 000 won't matter much.
But it'll matter infinitely more than 0 votes.

One vote out of 375 000 000 will mean a little something.
No vote will mean nothing at all.

Choose which suits will waste your money. Vote.

We cannot think of a slogan, but just go'n'vote.

— Election?
— Yes.
— Good. Out of the door. Line on the left. One vote each. Next. Election?

— Election?
— Yes.
— Good. Out of your bed. Local polling station. One vote each.

We cannot think of a slogan, but just go'n'vote.

Eulopean Palriament Erections.
(We caught youl attention? Now vote.)

My calendar — Sunday 7 June 2009
1. Seduce my girlfriend
2. If 1 succeeds, take shower
3. Make breakfast
4. Try to seduce her again
5. Take (another) shower
6. Go out
7. Vote
8. Buy flowers on the way home
9. Seduce her again
10. And again
11. And again.....
[Too long for a bus streamer, I realise... But you get the point.]

Don't do like most people in this bus. Vote.

Your polling station is only a busride away.

Yes you can (vote).

All of these are of course copyrighted — so do ask in case you want to use any of them, by posting a comment to this post.

And remember to vote! Europe is about you.

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