Sunday, 3 September 2006

Oasis' 'Stop The Clocks' ― My bid

Britrock pioneers Oasis have a pretty cool competition on their website. For once a competition, in which an actual effort is required to try to win something rather unique. Namely guess the track list, even in correct order, of the band's upcoming 'best of' album.

I could have simply chosen my personal favourites and made my own 'best of', as an idealistic approach. But 'simply' is a joke in this case. Oasis have made so many ge-reat songs that it'd be 'die Qual der Wahl' as they say in German. (That language does have some good expressions.) Instead I have tried to select a bit here and there, keeping a similar number of songs from each of the albums, leaving out gems such as 'Champagne Supernova', 'The Masterplan' and 'Some Might Say'. Still not easy.

And it shouldn't be. And I could name three or four reasons why my track list is not realistic ― but hey (now!), it's olympic spirit that counts, it was fun, it was an occasion to listen to all the great stuff again, and... it made me discover that the 'The Masterplan' album is actually a pretty good one. So far, I have considered it a peripheric release but I will listen to it again right now. And here's my list.

1. Acquiesce
2. Supersonic
3. The Importance Of Being Idle
4. Wonderwall
5. Fade In-Out
6. Lyla
7. Cigarettes & Alcohol
8. Whatever
9. Sunday Morning Call
10. The Hindu Times
11. Don't Look Back In Anger
12. Stand By Me
13. She Is Love
14. Let There Be Love
15. Rock'n'Roll Star
16. Who Feels Love?
17. Little By Little
18. Half The World Away

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