Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Another football shirt
― from the other end of the ranking

The Internet opens up a new kind of creative space and feeling of, or urge for, freedom in people. And you stumble over the most amazing, or weird, things sometimes. I wanted to look up why the Danish football team formerly known as 'NFA' is now called 'LFA', so I searched on the latter on Yahoo! (yes, that still exists, and for example their image and video searches are far better than Gooooooooooooooooogle's), and among the top results was a slightly, but only slightly, different LFA...

...Namely the Lovely Football Association. Lovely? Yeah, Lovely. It's a country. Well, a self-proclaimed one but aren't all countries sort of self-proclaimed?

Speaking of proclaiming: On the country's website, there is a referendum on the question whether or not to have a king. As a republican (don't worry, not in the USAmerican sense of the word but in the 'c'mon-this-is-the-21st-century-monarchies-are-so-before-last-millennium'
kind of way), I of course strongly encourage you to place a 'no' vote. Especially since those royalists are actually in the lead.

Oh, and to see what I mean by the title of this post, have a look here. Those lovely people sure are in for it.


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