Friday, 25 November 2005

Curtains or blinds?

Ode to a curtain
You are so beautiful and so tall,
protecting me from the outside invaders,
You hide me from the darkness,
and when I open the balcony door
you can dance with the wind.
I like your soft touch and
smooth look.
And when I feel sad I can wrap
myself into you and hide from the rest of
the world.

Anti-ode to the blinds
You rattle like the old men's teeth,
disharmony for my ears,
even the colour you are wrapped in became
pale when she came into touch with you,
when I touch you you are cold and life has
left you long ago.
You fight with the wind and
the darkness can still peep into my room
through your imperfect structure.

Milena Zuran 17/11-5

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