Sunday, 20 November 2005

The 100th post!

I thought I'd make some statistics in order to see what kinda stuff my blog actually contains. As it often happens when one tries to categorise, put things in limited, generalising boxes, I found no 'good' way of structuring the thing. Luckily, I'd say ― 'cause I guess this shows that my blog enjoys a great deal of diversity, which to me is a stamp of quality.

Just to get a vague idea, however, I've chosen to add it all up into far broader themes (when counting, I reached 32! And with a lot of borderline cases and overlaps). Happy Hundredth!

Culture: 30 posts
Politics: 19 posts
Personal: 16 posts
Philosophy: 12 posts
Science: 8 posts
Love (& Sex): 7 posts
(Other) fun: 4 posts
Travel: 3 posts
plus this post

Bjørn's Multilingual Blog contains posts in 11 different languages ― 9 posts are in more than one language ― though Luxembourgish and Dutch are not included so far.

English: 49 posts
Danish: 36 posts
German: 9 posts
French: 7 posts
Castellano: 2 posts
Swedish: 2 posts
Kölsch: 1 post
Latin: 1 post
Norwegian: 1 post
Polish: 1 post
Turkish: 1 post

I launched the blog on 7 January 2004. That is 684 days ago today, meaning that on average there is one post a week. The most active month has been September 2005 (11 posts), whereas August 2004 and December 2004 saw only one post each.

Some rediscovered highlights

The meaning of life
Shoe Souls
L'obligation d'un éditeur public
I believe
(Insomnia Gallery)
Deutsche Schimpfwörter

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