Thursday, 31 March 2005

Nostalgic idealism

The other day I was tidying up a (paper, that is) folder containing song lyrics and notes. I stumbled over some lyrics I wrote back in '87 at the age of 14 or earlier. Paul McCartney also wrote his first song 'I Lost My Little Girl' at that age by the way.

The lyrics were written for the melody of the song 'Varsovie' (that means 'Warsaw' and is a song about Lech Wałęsa and Solidarność — I guess the title 'Gdańsk' did not fit the rhythm...), which was the B side of French singer Didier Barbelivien's single 'Elsa'.

I even sent a letter to Mr Barbelivien through the record company in order to ask some kind of permission for these new lyrics, and I included a direct translation of the lyrics into French. Never got any answer.

But anyway, here it is, first in Danish, then in my more or less direct translation into English. Who said teenage idealism? Still, it remains an issue...

Hjælp Vor Jord

Hvorfor ska' vi altid hør' så meg't om krig og vold?
Og hva' mon der sker, når atomuret, det slår tolv?
Er vi nærmer' end vi tror på staternes skudhold?
De' på vej' at gøre Jorden kedelig og kold!

Der må gøres noget for at redde vor planet!
Hvis vi bare vil, så ka' vi redde vores æt!
Lad os alle hjælpes ad mod al rivalitet!
Så begynd nu, mens tid er, før værre ting er sket!

Hjælp vor Jord,
Hjælp dig selv,
Bar' et ord
Hen mod kvæld.

Kæmp for fred,
Mens tid er,
Og bli' ved,
Til fred bli'r!
Og bli' ved,
Til fred bli'r!

Help Our Earth

Why do we always have to hear so much about war and violence?
And [I wonder] what will happen when the nuclear clock strikes twelve?
Are we closer than we think to the shooting range of the states?
They're on their way to make Earth boring and cold!

Something has to be done to save our planet!
If just we want to, we can save our race!
Let us all help each other against all rivalry!
So [let us] begin now, before it is too late, before worse things happen!

Help our Earth,
Help yourself,
Just one word
Before nightfall.

Fight for peace,
While you can,
And keep on,
Till peace comes!
And keep on,
Till peace stays!

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