Friday, 28 December 2012

Crazy Crazy

I was already crazy
But you, you drive me crazy crazy
With your ups, your downs, your lefts and rights
It’s never just spot on

It’s a rollercoaster ride
One second flying high
The next everything stands still
But you’re always ready for the kill

It drives me crazy crazy
It makes me bounce around
Wanna send you to outer space
And I, I wanna stay on the ground

You are crazy crazy crazy
And I’m just crazy crazy
I used to be a one, you make me a two
Whenever you’re around
It doubles up, I’m getting like you
It doubles up from straight away crazy
To double crazy: crazy crazy
You drive me crazy crazy
You drive me crazy crazy crazy
Crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy…

Copyrighted. Use only by written permission.


Anonymous said...

I love your blogs randomness and the multilingualness, it makes me want to start a blog¡Me gusta tu blog! Jag älskar din blog! Ich libe deine/m? Blog! J'aime ta(?) blog!

Mind Traveller said...

Write something in the bloggggg. It is empty from almost one month. at least for those who are trying to read you. :)