Friday, 19 November 2010

Clasen Coaching & Consulting — draft ad

Click on the picture for a better resolution.

Tell me what you think of the ad!
Post a comment below — choose one adjective that you think describes it, and one verb telling me how the ad could be better.

And just be honest — no ‘niceness’ just in order to be nice :)

I appreciate your feedback!!

©2010 Bjørn Clasen


Maruska said...

Your picture gives 'hippie' sleepy feel to the add. I'm not sure you want that. I'd make the word coach more visible. Pozdravcek, Maruska

Grey's said...

J'aime beaucoup le slogan et la citation de Jane Eyre. Moins la formulation de la phrase "today, he would have called his coach", faut peut être juste la reformuler?

La photo est impressionnante :-) ça a un bon impact, même si elle pourrait être un peu ambivalente:
d'un coté ça fait rever d'un futur meilleur mais d'un autre me fait penser "yeah, keep on dreaming, baby..."
mais comme tu es toujours pour la communication out of the box, tu vas la garder... :-)
j'espère avoir été utile. bonne chance!

Anonymous said...

J'aime bien! Parfait Misiek! T'as ma benediction :-)

Grey's said...

Eloquent + WYSIWYG

Anonymous said...

Hi! I like the horizon thing. The photo of the landscape goes well with it. And to reach the horizon. Also great. I do not understand what you mean by Today! The message must be well hidden. Perhaps too hidden :-). Maybe you should look more assertive on the photo. You look like a dreamer :-). I do not know if that is good for a coach. Perhaps it depends on the natioanlity of the reader :-). Good luck B.

Koen said...

I like the tag line (on top in green) very much - definitely keep it! Had to read the quotation three times - still did not get it; I also do not know Jane Eyre. Did not understand green bottom line (Who is He?).
General feeling a bit Scientology like. May be I need coaching :-)

matu said...

(+) L'impression générale est bonne: les tons en accord avec ta carte de visite et la notion d'horizon dans le slogan, tout ça donne une impression de quiétude (pas de sagesse, je n'rai pas si loin)
(+) la citation de la pièce parle d'ouverture et de secret professionnel, très bon!
(+/-) tu es vraiment trop beau
(-) le "today, he would..." n'est pas clair pour moi et donne une impression négative. "je regrette vraiment de ne pas l'avoir appellé aujord'hui. Allez, je l'appelle demain." et le lendemain, rebelotte...
(-) tu fais la sieste sur ta photo: on dirait que ta tête va glisser de ta main d'une seconde à l'autre, et on ne distingue pas tes yeux.

Voilà, tu m'as demandé des commentaires sans concession, donc je me lâche. Mais c'est parce que je t'aime bien, sinon j'aurais mis des gants.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's a very good ad overall. Soothing colors, graphic balance, inspirational feel.
I like the "deep-in-thought" expression on your face, but the untied hair looks too casual imo. You come accross as 'the really cool friend one can confide into', but not necessarily as 'the skilled professional who gets paid for his insights'. But I guess it all depends on your target market.
Instead of "Today he would have called his coach" I would just write "Bjorn Clasen Coaching and Consulting".
Nice to hear from you.
Delphine Mulligan

flavia said...

Hi B, Sorry I didn't make it within the deadline. I guess it's too late now, but in case it can still interest you, I agreed with those who say your photo is a bit too dreamy. I would keep the rest as it is but change the photo to a more assertive and less hippie one. One where we would see your eyes and an optimist and confident (instead of dreamy) smile. Hope this helps. Hugs. Flávia