Wednesday, 26 November 2008

International Buying Nothing Day

International Buying Nothing Day, held annually [...], exists to try to remind people that those seemingly innocent purchases add up to poverty in the developing world and environmental problems for the planet.
"People like to think when we buy something, we're helping the economy, but the idea we're also killing the planet is not something they've thought about."
Kalle Lasn, author of Culture Jam and co-founder of Adbusters magazine
Researchers often liken the different shopping behaviours of men and women to hunters and gatherers: men go out to "kill" an item they need right now, while women "gather" items for future needs, whether tomorrow's dinner or next year's Christmas gifts.
The European Environmental Agency [sic] concluded in 2003 that European environmental progress is at risk from the "unsustainable economic development" of consumerism.

from holland herald

Stopping Overshopping

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