Saturday, 7 January 2006

A farmer...

This is my own reconstruction of one of the funniest jokes I've ever received by e-mail.

A farmer in the Mid-West has three daughters who are all in the dating age.
He tries to be a modern father, but still, he has his Mid-West norms.
So whenever the doorbell rings, he takes down his rifle hanging in the entrance hall before opening the door.

On this particular Saturday, all of his three daughters have a date around 7 o'clock.

At two past seven, the first car is heard driving slowly up the road to the farm, and shortly thereafter, the doorbell rings. The farmer goes to the entrance hall, takes down his rifle from the wall, loads it, unlocks the door, and then opens it. On the doorstep stands a decent-looking young man, and he says:

Hi, I'm Eddie
I'm here for Betty
We're going to eat spaghetti
Is she ready?

The farmer is a bit surprised about this poetry presentation ― but the young lad is polite, so the farmer goes to get Betty, and off they drive.

A few minutes later, the doorbell goes again. As usual, the farmer takes down the rifle and loads it, before unlocking the door and opening it. The young man outside says:

My name is Joe
I'm here for Flo
We're going to the show
Is she ready to go?

Strange... but it's an OK-looking bloke, so the farmer calls for Flo, and off they go, she and Joe.

Five more minutes pass by, and the doorbell rings for the third time. Once more, the farmer takes down his rifle, loads the rifle, unlocks the door, opens the door...

Good evening, my name is Chuck...

And then the farmer shoots him.

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Anonymous said...

Hir-hir-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha! This one is really funny though I don't understand why the farmer shot Chuck.
What's wrong wit a hug?