Sunday, 21 March 2004

Evanescence — Why all the fuss?

It is amazing how many awards one can win by writing one song!

When the album 'Fallen' by Evanescence appeared in my local music shop, I listened to it instantly. Something, the name, the cover intrigued me. But like with so many other albums, only a couple of songs caught my ear, so I did not want to waste my money on it. Life is too short — and my music collection already far too big — for so-so music.

But now, a few months later, it seems like I bump into the band (not literally) and its music constantly. For example when I was in Vejle for a conference a few weeks ago and got to my hotel room, switched on the television (by curiousity as I don't have one at home myself) and stumbled over the totally rubbish programme 'Danish Music Awards'. Evanescence again. The band was given the award for best foreign album or something. [But did, understandably, not show up!]

Back in Luxembourg where I live, I therefore took the opportunity to borrow 'Fallen' from the Record Club, as it had after all been re-intriguing me.

But what IS the fuss?! The only special thing about Evanescence's music is lead singeress Amy Lee's voice. It is emotional and kinda sexy, and she sings pretty well. But after two songs (no, not half a CD, but two songs!) I was tired of it. The voice, the music... Evanescence.

It IS amazing... this band has written one song — the hit 'Bring Me To Life', which I in fact find a pretty good piece of nu-rock — and then made it into an album by copying it 8 times and adding the two obligatory ballads. Which are not particularly inspired either. So much for shooting stars.

And for that they get overloaded with awards. I don't get it. Evanescence basically sounds like an aftermath of Linkin Park, only with a female singer. Writes one song. Records it ninefold. And sell zillions.

I do not get it.

So no, I will not buy 'Fallen'. But if you want to contibute to their in my opinion undeserved fortune, then I can only recommend you to buy your copy at Tell me if you agree with me or not.

Me, I grant the album two stars out of seven.

So much for shooting stars.

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